What is Hoops School?   

Hoops School originally started in 1997 in Deer Park, Texas. Founder Dena Evans was a former University of Virginia basketball player and college teammate of Coach Heidi. In 2000, Dena gifted Hoops School to Coach Heidi, who had just retired from playing professional basketball. Today, Hoops School aspires to teach the highest, most comprehensive fundamental training to youth. We teach kids (and parents who stay to watch practice) how to “think the game.”

In 2005, Coach Heidi began what still remains a strong partnership with West Houston churches, namely Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, Tallowood Baptist Church and Memorial Drive United Methodist Church. We began coaching only the elite players who were on track to receive student-athlete scholarships. However, in 2005 Coach Heidi realized the lack of fundamental skills in the majority of players, even at the elite level, which developed into Hoops School’s current focus of coaching young, beginner-level players, ages 6 and up.

Is your training for beginner players only?

Our training is for ALL skill levels—beginner, Intermediate and advanced. Our Skills Classes are for elementary and middle schoolers, best suited for beginner/intermediate level players, while our Pre-Season Prep Class is for intermediate/advanced levels. We coach first grade beginner players, all the way up to eighth graders who have played 5+ seasons of basketball.  Our 3-on-3 league at MDPC is more geared towards beginner/intermediate players; while our Pre-Season Prep Skills Class + 3-on-3 is for intermediate/ advanced level players. All classes are co-ed (boys & girls).

Who benefits most from training with Hoops School?

Anyone and everyone! Coach Heidi teaches the game “from the ground up.” Kids learn how to “think the game,” and therefore understand strategies to becoming better. They learn the steps in the mind, and then work through them with their bodies. Kids are continually reminded WHY they are doing certain steps/moves, rather than just “running through drills aimlessly without reason.”

What class, camp or clinic is best for my child?

This tough question can be best answered if you ask your child or yourself this question: how many seasons of basketball has your child played in a league with live game situations? If your child is just starting out in basketball and has limited live game play, he or she would benefit from our age-level skills classes. If they have played basketball three or more seasons, intermediate level classes would most likely be more appropriate. However, if your child is still missing some fundamental skills such as “game play” and “thinking the game,” one of our classes will help them improve greatly.

A child who still lacks the knowledge of essential skills such as “off-ball movement,” “cuts” with purpose, “defensive triangles,” and team concepts cannot contribute to a team if they have not played or learned details of GAME PLAY. Individual players who have even learned decent “shot form” often-times lack the ability to play a game well. We allow “live game situations” nightly at every one of our classes or camps. We teach individual and team skills through target-specific drills. Coach Heidi brings 20+ years of amateur and pro-level player status as well as 30+ years of coaching to the gym! Her coaches work under her tutelage, to carry out the drills in group format at each skill-appropriate basket.

Why does Hoops School partner with churches?

Coach Heidi and her staff know and value the character-building traits that are required to be successful in life and basketball. The best character-building traits are found in the Word of God, which is “sharper than a two-edged sword.” The wisdom of the Bible, paired with quotes from famous coaches like John Wooden or Vince Lombardi of football fame all help focus kids on the importance of being good people, not just skilled players. Kids receive a “quote of the day,” often a Bible verse on virtuous behavior such as sportsmanship, discipline, hard work, integrity, honor, selflessness and grit!

Why do I register and pay the church instead of
Hoops School, Inc.?

Hoops School’s specialty is COACHING. We let each church location place our class or camp under their program schedule so that they can handle the massive task of class registrations. In addition, church staff is available to handle any questions or needs of the registering families. Partnering with churches allows us to use their gym space while their portion of the class fees goes DIRECTLY to the church’s ministries to help in our community and larger body of Christ. Hoops School, Inc.’s portion of class fees covers coaching staff, admin, and marketing.