Players who participate will do so at a “play at your own risk” status. All Waivers of Liability Insurance coverage contain exclusions for Coronavirus (all strains). *Online Registration Portal requires acknowledgment and signed consent in order to participate. Each of us must do our part in order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, while still allowing children to play and practice sports (which in and of itself promotes immunity). Coaching Staff and participants will continue to abide by the “Honor System” which means they stay home if infected or exposed (to any infectious disease); as well as report any exposure that may have affected others.

We are keeping with the state of Texas legislation that does not enforce penalties for not wearing masks. However, each gym location asks that parents and players be considerate and wear a face covering when in “common” areas of the church buildings. *Masks will NOT be required inside the gymnasiums during practices or games. But, any player can elect to wear one at any time.

Hoops School Coaches and Staff have sought and continue to stay vigilantly-informed of all requirements and precautionary measures in order to run our classes safely and effectively.

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