*CURRENTLY waiting on gym + permission to run winter skills training!

If possible, we will continue to offer Winter and Spring Classes, with strict adherence to the CDC Guidelines and Standard Precautions. All players who participate will do so at a “play at your own risk” status. All Waivers of Liability Insurance coverage contain exclusions for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Coaching Staff and participants must commit to be informed and to abide by regulations listed below. *Online Registration Portal requires acknowledgment and signed consent in order to participate. Each of us must do our part in order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, while still allowing children to play and practice sports (which in and of itself promotes immunity).

Hoops School Coaches and Staff have sought and continue to stay vigilantly-informed of all requirements and precautionary measures in order to run our classes safely and effectively.

What players/participants can expect:

  1. to be “pre-screened” the night before each class; and in person on the day of class (check in)
  2. to have their temperature taken in person at check-in
  3. to have hand-sanitizer administered at check-in
  4. to be expected to report any incidence of infection (either personally, by a loved one in their same-household, or even by an acquaintance they have been in contact with).
  5. to see class size limited to under 50% of gymnasium capacity.
  6. to placed in “pods” to limit interaction with other players.
  7. ^to be required to wear face masks / face “gators” while entering and exiting the facility, or for bathroom breaks or while sitting down during practice.
  8. ^to have the option to wear ^face masks/gators or face shields while playing in drills and/or games on the court.
  9. to see Coaches wearing masks/gators or face shields when on the court.
  10. to have their hands sanitized at strategic points of practice (at least once) at their basket.
  11. to bring a face towel to wipe sweat during practice (avoid hands touching face). Please label.
  12. to bring and use their own ball and water bottle, also labelled with child’s name.
  13. to give “Air Fives” instead of “High Fives.”
  14. Kids encouraged NOT to touch others, especially near the face, eyes, nose and mouth; and to remain facing forward (rather than face to face while not in games) & socially distanced.
  15. Scheduled exercises emphasize individual skill work; with less face to face drills.
  16. Game play (collective basketball) will be offered, but not all participants are required to play. Players with any concerns are permitted to learn by observing rather than by playing live games.

All of our Partner Church Gym locations are closed indefinitely; but Hoops School has a new partner located in the Westchase district of Houston: First United Methodist Church Houston. Many of you will recognize the location by their gym name: The Qullian Center. Located at: 10570 Westpark Drive, Houston 77042, near Beltway 8 (West), just South of Richmond Avenue.

2 Fall Class info below. But, click here on SKILLS CLASSES for more details:

  • MONDAY NIGHT IN-SEASON SKILL WORK- skill practice, individual work & live game play.
    • Less risk, due to more individual drills and less face to face competition.

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