Our coaching staff range from High School Teacher/Coaches to former Pro and collegiate Basketball Players.  We also allow “Mentor” coaches, ages 15 and up to work along side of our senior staff members.  All of our staff members are role models for kids- teaching them the values and virtues of the game while making sure players receive individualized attention to detail in skill work & games.

CK. TF.2018

Name:  Christina Kurt
Age: 27
Experience: 16 years
Years w/ Hoops School: 10 years
Why she works w/ us: Christina is a Basketball Fanatic. Though small
in size, she is MIGHTY in heart and ability. Full Ride Scholarship to
University of Dallas. Was coached privately by Heidi since age 11 yrs.
Has come back to Hoops School to “give back” and make a difference in
the lives of kids today, who need more leadership and good mentors in
their lives than ever!

Name:  Tim Woods
Age: 29
Experience:  7 years
Years w/ Hoops School: 2+ years
Why he works w/ us: Is a “Baller” himself; and a gifted Teacher. Currently plays for recreation.  But, gives insight, especially for point guards and shooting guards, who can learn from his experience.

Name: Coach “Q” (Quintina) Young
Age: 32
Experience: 15+ years. Former Head Coach at Faith West Baptist High School (Varsity)
Years with Hoops School: 1.5 (6 semesters and summer camps)
Why works w/ us: To give back to her amazing coaches as a former player. She is a gifted, patient and thorough coach.