At Hoops School, our Mission is to: REACH, TEACH, COACH and CHANGE LIVES of boys and girls, ages 6 to 14 years old.  We inspire kids to ‘become the best they are capable of becoming’ on and off the court.  Kids have fun while learning sound principles of the great game we call BASKETBALL.  Coach Heidi coaches with vigor and knowledge from her 25+ years as a coach and player.  Above photo is just one morning of Summer Camp, where the kids learn about “Defense” energy!  Come check us out–visit a class for free!

Heidi Burge Horton, Head Coach of Hoops School (1999 to present)

Link to Heidi’s Hoop School Classes at MDPC

Our Coaching Staff

Dena Evans, Head Founder of Hoops School (1999) 

Point Guard College 

movieposterDisney movie Double Teamed based on the life story of Heidi and her identical twin, Heather, Burge. Double Teamed (Disney Movie)