Our Next “Get Ready “Coach/Player Clinics ARE SCHEDULED for Nov. & Dec. 2020. They are a “maybe” because they are only able to take place if there IS A BASKETBALL SEASON (2020-21).

Coaches’ clinics are for parent/volunteer coaches who want to receive strategies to properly and effectively coach their youth basketball teams.  Clinics take place in late November or early December, just prior to the start of basketball season. Come and receive instruction how to approach and successfully approach your basketball season, whether you have coached before or not. Coaches receive a handout, complete with a “tool box” of drills and appropriate goals and methods to coach their respective age groups, from Kinder-9th Grade kids.  Coach Heidi (30 years experience) does all instruction live (in-person); and she gives helpful websites where coaches can harvest plays, drills, defensive sets and other extremely useful information.

Player Clinics are for beginner or intermediate skill-level players to “Get Ready” for the season.  Players work on correct forms of shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, defense and “live game situations.” This is a great way to transition from fall sports into basketball season!

All registration links are on our Schedule Page.

Click below to download our 6-pg PowerPoint Coach Clinic Handout:

4th Edition_Coach.Clinic_2018_pg 1-6