4 weeks of camp at two locations


  • June 20-24- Morning “Essentials” / Afternoon “Shooting Camp” (all Skill Levels)
  • June 27- July 1- Morning “Essentials” / Afternoon “Counter Attack/ Strategy” (all ” …)

tallowood baptist church location:

  • July 18-22- Morning “Essentials” / Afternoon “Shooting Camp” (all Skill Levels)
  • July 25-29- Morning “Essentials” / Afternoon “Counter Attack/ Strategy” (all ” Levels)

All Camps are Co-Ed. Mixed skill levels. Kids grouped at baskets with friends (specified on Registration form) according to grade, gender AND skill level. No experience necessary. Kids bring water bottle and snack (popsicles also given during Daily Devotionals). Kids work skills for half of time, and play Games for the other half. Coaches encourage, mentor and teach all fundamentals of the game, from the “ground, up.” Each day, kids learn “Basketball I.Q.” They practice ball-handling, shooting, passing, rebounding, offense, defense; and work collaboratively on both individual and team concepts. We ensure each child apprehends techniques and skills by our ratio of no more than 7 kids to 1 coach.


9:00-3:30: entering 3rd-8th Grade (Full day Campers bring lunch/ stay and play). Learn both curricula.

9:00-11:30 am: entering 1st-8th Grade Morning Camps work on “Essentials” (all skills of the game): Ball-Handling, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Rebounding, Individual and Team Offense AND Defense. Kids play 3/4 court (almost full-court) Games Daily!

1:00-3:30 pm:  entering 3rd-8th Grade Afternoon Camps differ per week. Two varied curricula this Summer are: Shooting Camp and Counter-Attack/Strategy. Read below…


Shooting Camp

Each kid is GUARANTEED 1,000 shots per week/ or 200 per day Varied types of shooting: lay-ups, close-range and long-range jump shots, “shot-fakes,” free throws, and more. Mini-games played at each basket and Full Court games for the last hour of each day.

Counter-Attack/ Strategy

Kids are instructed in the details of “reading the Defense.” They gain more detailed knowledge (Basketball I.Q.) during this week, which is filled with new ways to beat an opponent. They learn to react to what the defense “allows” or “gives up,” as they learn to use strategy and skill to make higher-level moves to the basket (to score or pass off to open team player). As always, games will be played for last hour of each day.